Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation

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Real time IoT devices with various sensors (Air, temperature, vibration, energy, proximity etc.,) are made available to retrofit for the existing machineries or to operational points which will in turn fetch the real time data for the middle or top management to arrive on the floor workings at machine level. This data collection can be associated with various metrics like operator's efficiency, machine running time, machine idle time, production time and so on.

IoT devices have a standard software package with mobile and web application to witness the raw or processed data. These solutions are universal with scalable hardware and software platforms. Integration with your existing ERP solutions will have the feeling of the whole environment redefined with the existing setup itself.

Process Tracking System

The current reporting method is either manual or system driven for which the operator / supervisor / manager needs to get involved to do so. Process tracking system thus helps industries create an environment to work hassle free on such accountabilities as the process they live within could record and process the data through events or processes.

As stated above the operations in general, we bought in a new system of accountability and tracking with our system which will collect and store real time data from the floor (machine, gates, resources etc.,) and will be made available to middle and top management for their better business decisions. Currently all industries are working non stop 24 x 7 , 365 days in order to full fill the global needs which requires such kind of digital transformation in order to compete and supply their products to consumers on right time with quality

By the use of different technology such as RFID / Barcode / QR code / NFC etc., we make the customers to witness their process / operation real time with timestamp through a single dashboard with alerts / notifications based on different hierarchies so as to troubleshoot / debug / rectify them in the first minute rather discussing about it in eleventh hour or at the end of the shift with faulty outcome.

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Asset Tracking & Management System

Assets are the primary investment for any organisation / industry / residential communities. These assets need to be tracked and maintained now and then by the management for efficient / effective utilisation of the purchased assets.

Purchased assets are recorded in manual / excel files / ERP systems, these recorded assets are never verified physically until there exists any external audit of the same. These audits are a physical verification by a human resource who may or may not be aware of the assets condition of working. We provide an end to end hardware / software solution of recording, maintaining and verifying these assets digitally.

Auditing of these assets along with applying the depreciation methodology can ease the accounting department to make the asset depreciation into their audited statements. Assets can also be tracked with its maintenance history and the system will be able to propose the earlier / present / future condition with AI & ML forecasting. Management will be given information of such assets which will help them to make appropriate decisions while re-purchasing for the future.

Monitoring System

Industries / residential communities require personnel authorisation / authentication with time stamps for their entry, exit and working. In order to achieve the same, we have image recognition with processing through mobile & web cameras which register and track the personnel who will be authorised to pass through a defined passage.

We also provide SDK / plugin of the application to embed into any other existing hardware / software application to make their system for monitoring purpose. Industries, Security service providers, Health care, banking, insurance, micro finance etc… are the sectors for them to explore this service as product or plugins.

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