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Startup Accelerators

We provide mentor-ship, technical guidance and solutioning for Startup Companies in achieving their vision. We take the pain points of any Industry and work with them in the floor level for an solution that can be implemented in a cost effective manner. All our solutions will be based on the existing process, we will ensure the new solution will have a very little variation that can be easily accommodated by the floor level people. This is the key area for the success of our IoT products and solutions. The ground level people will feel the comfort while they use our solution.

System Integrators

We at iExemplar specialised in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. This solve the problems of automation.
The integration lead to the process of integrating all the physical and virtual components of an organisation system. The physical components consist of various machine systems, hardware’s, inventory etc
This is a turn key activity as iExemplar will get engaged with the customer to study their process, existing automations if any, pain areas, gaps in deliverables and will arrive a common minimum program to bridge the gap towards achieving the desired result.

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Industries with the rapid change in process/method in their day to day operation wish to digitalize, we at iExemplar transform them to digitalization which in turn automate processes or workflows. The advantage over conventional methods to this transformation helps them eliminating errors, integrating business systems, implementing electronic workflow processes, implementing security protocols, and finally with one source of truth for each data.
Every Industry is in the time for transformation and every entity that happened to be transformed will march them towards Industry 4.0. B2B and B2C market expect the manufacturers to provide authenticated processes or data, without digitalization such provisions or support wouldn't be possible.
While conversion or transformation we offer solutions to industries phase-wise and make sure about such conversions are beneficial and profitable for that industry. The idea here is not to convert everything and anything to digital but to understand their system of operation/process to facilitate the conversion for the best utilization of man, machine, and time.
We have a team of experts who will visit, study, and brainstorm for arriving on an effective transformation that is unique instead of proposing a common solution for every industry. This is achievable with us as we have derived a common platform in which the pain area addressable verticals would be built for effective and affordable solutions.